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Forensic Examinations

We will complete examinations on any and all computers, storage devices, cellular telephones, or mobile devices believed to contain evidence of a crime. Cases are prioritized based on several factors, including but not limited to the type of offense, upcoming court dates, and whether or not the suspect is in custody.

Search Warrant Triage

If assistance is needed during search warrant service, we are available to ensure proper collection of evidentiary media to help prevent data loss due to encryption, volatile storage, and other factors. We are also prepared to perform initial evidence collection for cases involving computer network compromises.

Investigative Assistance

If your agency has received a criminal complaint for which the primary act was perpetrated by means of the Internet or a digital device, we will often agree to take the investigation over at your request. We are also available to provide investigative assistance as needed.


We provide Missouri POST accredited training on topics involving Internet investigations and the proper seizure of electronic evidence.

We are a Missouri ICAC Task Force

Case priority will be given to investigations involving Internet crimes against children. Please contact us with any questions regarding current examination backlogs.

To submit evidence for examination, please provide the following:

  1. Forensic Examination Request Form
  2. Authorization to Search (valid search warrant or signed consent form)
  3. Associated Case Reports

All evidence should be properly packaged and sealed.